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DAPP Zimbabwe’s Hope Project

In connection with a conference at Humana People to People’s Headquarters in Zimbabwe, Birgit Soe had the chance to visit development projects the Frontline Institute and DAPP Zimbabwe’s Hope Project in Bindura.
The Frontline Institute is the Management training centre for Humana People to People which offers the students basic and advanced management courses.
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program at the teacher training colleges

 The program at the teacher training colleges is based on an individual and collective approach. To become effective teachers, the trainees must individually be motivated to learn and excel. The training is at the same time rooted in teamwork and responsibility to the group. One of the elements that instills this is the team approach to managing and running the teacher training colleges, which the trainees do together with their teachers.

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Teacher training by 2010

 Humana People to People members train primary school teachers in Angola, Malawi, Mozambique and India. The training is done in close partnership with national ministries of education, within the context of national education plans and including the full content of the national curriculum for teacher training as well
as specific subjects you only find in the Humana People to People teacher training. The trained teachers are employed in and strengthen the education sector of their respective countries.